PH600 Series
Servo Drive

l Rated Output Power: 7.5kW ~ 110kW

l Maximum Frequency: 0~400Hz

l PWM Frequency: 3KHz~8KHz

l Bus Interface: Standard Modbus RTU, Optional CANopen、EtherCAT、Profinet

l Speed Range: 0~6000rpm

l Cooling Methods: fan cooling

High Configuration
(1)Smaller size with higher power density;
(2)Standard DC reactor for 75kW-110kW;
(3)Built-in braking units, braking resistor short-circuit protection, braking circuit overcurrent protection and so on.
High Performance
(1)Simple gain adjustment and gain switching function;
(2)Self-relief pressure and real-time oil pump stall detection and reset function to realize minimum reverse amount of pressure relief control to prolong pump’s life;
(3)Optional expansion card supports Modbus, EtherCAT, PROFINET communication protocols.
High Reliability
(1)Built-in C3 filters;
(2)Thickened protective coating for core circuit board;
(3)Conform to CE certification standards.
Easy to operation
(1)LED panel or external HMI to modify parameters,support parameters’s copy;
(2)Provide reference power supply: 15V and 24V;
(3)Adopt pluggable terminals for easier maintenance and wiring.
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