Function and performance to meet the A00 class car, A0 class car, B class car, micro surface, light truck, sanitation vehicle, minibus and bus direct drive/single reduction /AMT power train control requirements.

Passenger Cars MCU

Specially designed for passenger cars, suitable for all kinds of A~C high-end passenger models

Rated power: 40~80kW
Peak power: 120~200kW
Rated current: 160~230A
Peak current: 500A
Rated voltage: 350~380V
Voltage operating range: 230~495V
EMC: Class 3
IP class: IP67
Communication mode: CANFD
Cooling system: Water cooling
Maximum efficiency: 98.8%
Functional safety: ASIL-C is optional
High reliability
High security
Flexible customization
Compatible with high voltage SiC platforms
Rational distribution
The water outlet is directly connected with the motor
Flat design
Smaller volume
Two-way high voltage bus input
Applicable front and rear drive
TPAK & Hpdrive
Encapsulation unit Optional
Commercial Vehicles MCU

Specially designed for commercial vehicles, suitable for logistics vehicles, sanitation vehicles, loaders and other vehicles.

Rated power: 60-250kW
Peak power: 140-330kW
Rated current: 160-540A
Peak current: 360-790A
Rated voltage: 540V
Voltage operating range: 700/750V
IP class: IP67
Communication mode: CAN
Cooling system: Water cooling
Maximum efficiency: 98.9%
High reliability
High security
Flat design
Adapt to each power segment
Easy installation
Highly integrated
Low noise
Application industry
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