PH300 Series
Servo Drive

l Rated Output Power: 7.5kW ~ 450kW

l Maximum Frequency: 0~599Hz

l PWM Frequency: 1KHz~12KHz

l Bus Interface: Standard Modbus, CANopen

l Speed Range: 1:1000 (FVC)

l Cooling Methods: fan cooling

Precise control
Built-in PID control, support closed-loop vector control, V/F control, support various types of PG card
Overload capacity
150% rated current lasts for 60S, 180% rated current lasts for 3S
simplicity of operator
simple structure, small size, easy to install
Low failure rate
Fast current limiting function reduces the probability of frequent driver failure alarm
Protection function
with output phase loss protection, over current/over voltage overload/overheating protection and other functions
Application industry
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