AxN-DC Series
Common DC Bus Multi Axis Driver

l Rectifier Unit: 0~500Vac,Rated power 80kW, support parallel connection of rectifier modules

l Inverter Unit: 0~800Vdc,Rated power 11~200KW

l Bus Interface: EtherCAT, CANopen, EthPMC

l Encoder Support: Endat, Hiperface, Sincos, Hall, Resolver, Nikon, Tamagawa

l Cooling Methods: Fan cooling, water cooling, and oil cooling

l Installation Method: cabinet installation, wall-through installation, baseplate installation

Built-in PLC (IEC6113103 standard language)
Programmable: Five kinds of PLC programming languages can be used for secondary development, compliant to IEC61131-3 standard.
Integration: PLC is integrated in control card, eliminating the need for an external PLC controller, saving space and cost.
Faster Speed: Drive is directly controlled by the internal PLC and executes faster.
Self-developed EthPMC Internal Bus
Based on Ethernet Technology: Hard real-time, flexible topology.
Support Interactive Communication: Realize direct data communication between master station, slave station, slave station and slave station in each synchronization cycle.
Stable Communication Regulation : Cycle time is 125μs, transmission delay is less than 2μs, and synchronous clock jitter is
High-precision Control Loop
Current Loop Sampling Cycle Time: 1μs
Speed Loop Sampling Cycle Time: 125μs
Position Loop Sampling Cycle Time: 125μs (adopts new high-performance voltage control algorithm, up to 10 times deep field weakening
Energy Saving
Multi-axis system energy interoperability, improve efficiency
Save Space
Smaller size , more compact, distributed DC bus connection
Save Devices
Only need one set of resistors, filters, input cables
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