I.We are keenly aware that the ecological environment serves as the baseline for the survival and well-being of human civilization, and a prerequisite for sustainable human development. To seek solutions to changes on the environment by business operations, Physis has made efforts in a number of areas ranging across the optimization of plant processes, disposal of industrial waste, paperless offices, refuse classification and noise pollution etc.

Digital promotion of plants, with continuous improvement in business operation and the integrated energy utilization rate increased by 34.61%
Deployment of 30,000 m² of photovoltaic panels, with effective use of 2 million kWh/year of clean energy and reduction of carbon emissions by 1,500 tonnes/year, equivalent to the planting of over 4,000 trees.
Innovative product development contributes to the optimization of industrial applications, with energy efficiency of up to 70% in the rubber and plastic industry.
Wastewater treatment system with water filtration and recycling, saving water resources by 1360 tones/year and reducing effluent discharge by 1920 tones/year. Regular monitoring and control of wastewater discharge with waste recycling.
Isolated management of noise workshop, reducing noise pollution by 2% and to 85 or less.
Staff care
Occupational health and safety: The company attaches priority to the safety and occupational health of its staff. EHS undertakes regular inspections and rectification of safety hazards, fire drills and safety training, etc. In 2011, the company was awarded ISO 45001 certification for the first time, with zero general or above accidents and occupational diseases since its establishment.
Training and development: Being people-oriented, we organize reading sessions, training courses for young and middle-aged cadres and competitions for technical skills through on-the-job training, off-the-job training and further training to improve our staff's business skills; in addition, we create an all-round and multi-level staff training system and performance incentive policy by organizing various cultural and sports activities and enhancing internal and external cooperation and exchange, thereby making unremitting efforts to train high-tech talents and promote social progress.
Comfortable working environment:With our library, gym and brainstorming area offered, we strive to create a comfortable working environment for our staff.

We are committed to "care for the aged and kids, aid for the weak and poor", practicing our duty of loyalty as citizens of the community.

We have raised tens of millions of dollars in charitable and educational funds. Also, we contribute to various charitable associations and work with all sectors of the community to help the disabled and the poor, providing assistance to the disabled and the poor in need.

All of us at Physis have also walked the talk, serving at the forefront of epidemic prevention and relief, caring for widows and orphans, and raising hope for dying cancer patients. Under the leadership of Physis, we will pursue a culture of philanthropy wherever necessary.

Corporate Governance
With more than 200 management systems in place and regular internal audits, Physis has developed a sound management system covering the company's overall strategy, human and material resources, quality systems and daily operations etc.
With the establishment of a corporate trade union, Physiss has created a sound management mechanism in four areas of maintenance, construction, involvement and education, providing a solid foundation for the rapid, stable and sustainable development of the company.
of professionally trained volunteer firefighters has been established at Physis to safeguard the stable production of the company and the lives and property of its staff, as well as to maintain the stability of local fire safety.
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