Abundant physical and energy resources are required in the production processes of ferrous metallurgy enterprises. The total energy consumption of the iron and steel industry in China is approx. 16% of the nation’s total. Most steelmakers are poor in automation or still using energy-intensive equipment. To achieve the “dual carbon goals”, manufacturing processes featuring low energy consumption, low emissions and high efficiency have become the guide to transformation of the steelmakers. Physis rebuilds the steel manufacturing equipment with modern advanced electro-hydraulic servo system, reducing energy consumption by up to 60%.

Program overview

  • Finishing line

Station:Finishing line
Servo motor:U1325F153R4
Servo drive:PH300.055.43ARMF
Oil pump displacement:140 CC
Oil pump model:A4VSO140 DR
System pressure:115 bar
Dwell speed:120-300 rpm
Loading:pilot operated, solenoid controlled relief valve

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