Internal Rotor Series Brushless DC Motor

BLDC internal rotor series , controller and motor integrated design, has the advantages of compact structure, high IP level, high efficiency and energy saving. The integration of servo electromagnetic design and DC brushless process design makes the motor back EMF tend to sinusoidal, and the operation is more stable and smooth. The product is suitable for automatic winding and stable and reliable in mass production. This series of products can be widely used in centrifugal pump, circulating pump, air compressor, blower and other applications.

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IP55、IP67, suitable for outdoor application and in water

Motor Efficiency reach IE5

Motor Power range from 750W to 15kW

Rated Torque range from 2Nm to 50Nm

Speed range from 0 to 8000rpm

FOC sensor-less control

Integrated PLC, can realize constant pressure control

Can, RS485 communication.

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