OPENcontrol CNC

The new generation of OPENcontrol CNC has superior computational power and improved ergonomics. It is highly scalable and designed for 2D and 3D applications in wide-ranging manufacturing sectors. The CNC range has been designed for complete customization using graphical HMI software and a high performing embedded PLC with a comprehensive library of functions.

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OPENsmart is the entry level platform

Up to 8 Interp. axes

Up to 16 total axes

Up to 2 processes

Min tick 2 mSec.

OPENkey is a higher performing hardware platform

Up to 16 interp. axes

Up to 24 total axes

Up to 4 processes

Min tick 1 mSec.

OPENprime and OPENprime-i are the top level solutions for developing heavy and time-critical applications, having a computational power suitable for multi-process machining centres with many axes.

Up to 64 interp. axes

Up to 64 total axes

Up to 24 processes

Min tick 500 microSec.

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