OSAI Operation Panel

The OSAI operation panel can be configured with various types of OSAI controllers to present the operation interface of different applications. OSAI not only has simple touch screen display, economical operation panel and high-end module customized operation panel, but also can provide wireless remote control operation handle and powerful teaching device to meet customers' flexible control requirements.

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COMPACTconsole TS2

The complete panel COMPACTconsole TS2 consists of two modules - "Operator Panel" and "Keyboard" – incorporating a Monitor, Control Panel (functions buttons and potentiometers), Keyboard, Touchpad and USB port.

COMPACTconsole TS2 is designed for panel mounting and includes:

15” Touch Screen Monitor(1024 x 768)

Customizable Control Panel (standard functions: 8 buttons to select the operation mode, Cycle Start, Hold, Reset plus 3 buttons for general functions)

2 customizable rotary selectors (standard functions: spindle and cutting speed override)

Emergency button kit

Kit for 2 electromechanical elements (buttons, selectors etc.)

1 USB port


OPENconsole has been designed to meet many different application requirements. Its modules can be combined in order to create a customized interface suitable for wide-ranging machining processes and for CNC machine tools.

17” or 19” Industrial Monitor with touchscreen

Main control panel

Control panel extension, customizable

Keyboard with touch-pad or trackball

Connecting element with USB port


Light, easy to manage and with an ergonomic design, OPENwiTP is a reliable wireless remote control for CNC-machining centers. OPENwiTP performs the key functions required during machine setup giving the operator direct visual inspection of the area of the machine being controlled. OPENwiTP is SIL3-rated and IEC61508 certified. This one handed ergonomic terminal with a robust design ensures ease of use and safety even in harsh operational environments.

The kit is made up of:

Teach pendant operator console

Recharge docking station with connectors

base station to be installed in the cabinet and a cable for external antenna installation

Industrial Monitors

Complete line of industrial monitors for panel mounting, all equipped with a resistive touchscreen, a selection of digital input ports and comes in a solid and light metal frame.

With a format ranging from 10.4” (resolution 800x600) up to 17” (resolution 1280x1024)

these monitors suit  are the perfect complement to OSAI CNC models (OPENsmart, OPENkey, OPENprime and OPENprime-i) for CNC or General Motion Control (GMC) applications.

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