I / O Module

The I / O module has EtherCAT interface. It is designed and manufactured for communication and process control. It is suitable for automation industrial application.

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OPENrio SL is a modular automation system for assembly on a 35mm mounting rail. The wiring complexity is low because the 24VDC supply of the power section is integrated in the backplane bus and defective modules may be replaced without rewiring.

OPENrio SL system is made up of:

EtherCAT Bus coupler

Peripheral modules like digital and analog I/O

Relay output module

PWM output module

Encoder input module

Digital Bridge Unit

The bridge module is an EtherCAT slave composed of an EtherCAT interface and one or two Digital I/O boards. The EtherCAT Interface comes in two versions, “Analog” and “Pulse & Direction”.

4 x 12 bit analog inputs

7 x 16 bit analog outputs => only 1 output in the version “Pulse & Direction” (for the spindle)

6 x ABZ encoder channels

1 x handwheel (without broken wire error on Z) or ABZ encoder (with broken wire error on Z)

6 x Pulse & Direction outputs at RS422 level (“Pulse & Direction” version only)

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