TK Series Direct Drive Servo Motor

TK series of frameless brushless motors provide high torque density available for direct drive & high performance applications. Unlike traditional torque motors, TK units have both high torque and high speed capability and thus operate seamlessly both as spindle and table motors. The ext. diam range from 85mm to 2m and torque range from 7Nm to 80000Nm.

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Adopt frameless structure, suitable for integration into the equipment

With three-phase winding and special rare earth permanent magnet material, it can reach high continuous torque density and peak torque density

It has the ability of high speed, high torque and flux weakening control. The constant power range can reach 10:1

The rotor is fixed by magnetic steel without glue, and the safe operation of motor at high speed is ensured by pre tightening carbon fiber sleeve

The stator adopts vacuum epoxy coating technology to improve the insulation grade and heat dissipation of the motor

TK series motors are customized products, which can be directly connected with the bearings, couplings and encoders of clients

The ext. diam range from 85mm to 2M and the torque range from 7Nm to 80000nm. Beyond this size, segmented components can be provided, and the current motor diameter can be up to 18m

Two kinds of temperature protection elements are provided as standard to prevent the motor from over temperature operation

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