AxN-DC Series Common DC Bus Multi Axis Driver

Physis AxN-DC series sevro driver is a unified rectifier unit and multiple inverter units form the common DC bus driving system. It is very suitable for machine tools, package and printing, EIMM and other multi-axis applications!.

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PLC integrated in the control card, saving space and cost. The driver is directly controlled by the internal PLC, and the execution speed is faster. Five kinds of PLC programming languages can be used for secondary development.

The EthPMC internal bus developed by PHYSIS has the characteristics of hard real-time and flexible topology, which can realize stable interactive communication between master station and slave station , between slave station in each synchronization cycle.

Rectifier unit: 0~500Vac 80kW, support parallel connection of rectifier modules

Inverter Unit: 0~800Vdc Peak Power 22~400kW

Bus interface: EtherCAT, EthPMC

Encoder support: Endat, Hiperface, Sincos, Hall, Resolver, Nikon, Tamagawa

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