AxN Series New Digital Servo Drive

AxN series servo drive is the new generation of high performance servo drive with a power output capacity of 15A~110A, which can be applied to various field buses such as CANopen, EtherCAT and Modbus, supports a variety of mainstream encoders, and are suitable for applications that need high performance servo systems. Physis can provide personalized high performance servo solutions for textile machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, rubber plastic machinery, medical production equipment, wind power, photovoltaic and other industries.

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High-precision torque compensation technology, greatly reduces the torque fluctuation of high-torque and low-speed motors. Torque fluctuation is ±1% at speed of 2rpm.

Multi-drive PWM synchronization technology & segment direct drive motor design makes perfect control performance.

Supporting ultra-high-precision encoders, a dual-loop parallel design of position and speed to perfectly complete high-precision position and speed control.

Programmable Display Module:Customize display contents, far more user friendly than traditional 7-segment display.

Programmable PLC Motion:Intelligent, can run independently without controller, Electric CAM, Automatic Motor Identification achievable.

Bus interface has EtherCAT 、CANOpen and RS232/422/485.

Encoder support: Endat、Hiperface、Sincos、Hall、Resolver.

Flexible installation: Support cabinet installation, through wall installation and cooling plate installation, can use built-in air cooling and external water cooling.

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