EV Traction Motors

Giving full play to the comprehensive advantages of technology and manufacturing, Physis EV traction motor has excellent electromagnetic and cooling design, unique resin pouring technology, which contribute to the motor high efficiency, high power density and light weight.

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Excellent pole-slot design can improve the material utilization, reduce the volume and weight.

Multi objective optimization method can improve the efficiency and NVH.

Multi layer magnet structure and fine inclined pole design can reduce the risk of demagnetization.

Cooling frame, combined with resin of the stator can optimize thermal management.

The power of the motor for passenger cars covers 40KW~220KW, which can meet the requirement of the vehicles from A00 to B.

The power of the motor for commercial vehicles covers 80KW~330KW, which can meet the requirement of logistics vehicles, buses and other special vehicles.

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