Release of New Brand Image of Physis
--Endless Intelligence, Perpetual Motion


We believe,
energy derives from far more than the motor,
but more from human beings.
human beings have intelligence, feelings, creativity, and the dream of
changing the world.

The creative heart for technology, the future and imagination
is the sustaining driving force to create a better life for human beings. Intelligence.
and technology is perpetual motion!

In 2020, when Physis brand is updated and upgraded, Physis in conjunction with the professional brand design team, has conducted a comprehensive diagnosis and combing of the brand culture of the company, and through the construction and deepening of brand concept recognition, behavior recognition and visual recognition, and the visual design of Beilun Headquarters Park of Physis Technology, systematically upgrades the overall brand of Physis, stimulating team vitality inward, and creating a new brand image outward.

Join us to start the brand new mileage of Physis !

Chinese logo of Physis brand upgradeimage.png

English logo of Physis brand upgrade image.png

Implied meaning of Physis brand logo:
The overall logo is extended from the English initial of the brand "P". Through the simulation of motor power, it demonstrates the precise and strict aesthetics in motor technology. The outline of the logo takes the shape of the sun and reflecting that Physis will become an inexhaustible source of various emerging industries in the future!


The new strategic plan for the brand brings the Physis into a brand-oriented approach. While giving full play to its advantages in R&D technology, it gradually implements an international strategic layout, builds an intelligent digital factory, performs continuous upgrade and optimization, achieves the simultaneous development of brand culture, R&D technology, production and manufacturing, brings new experience and creates more values for our customers and partners by means of better and more personalized high-quality services!


Endless Intelligence, Perpetual Motion

The completely new Physis is worth the wait!

Headquarters Sales & Marketing