Physis helps China's first 10MW wind turbine


At 21:25 on July 12, 2020, the first 10MW offshore wind turbine in China jointly developed by China Dongfang Electric Corporation and China Three Gorges Corporation was successfully connected to the grid for power generation at the Xinghua Bay Phase II Offshore Wind Plant in Fujian. This offshore wind turbine, independently developed and put into operation by China, has the largest single-unit capacity in Asia and the second largest in the world, set a new record for the single-unit capacity of offshore wind turbines in China. The pitch motor of this unit was provided by Physis.

After the wind power industry enters the eraof parity, in the face of the "big" challenge, it needs more"big" units. Therefore, large-scale wind turbines are the best choicefor wind power to reduce costs. As a domestic manufacturer of pitch motors, thecore components of wind power pitch systems that integrate independent design,research and development and manufacturing, Physis is at the leading level inthe industry, and has extremely high cost-effective advantages especially inhigh-power pitch motors. In addition, Physis pitch motors have complete productspecifications and have been successfully matched with foreign mainstream pitchdrives. They can be used for 1.5MW to 10MW wind turbines. At present, most ofthe top wind turbine manufacturers in China are end users of Physis pitchmotors. Cumulative shipments have reached more than 100,000 units.

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