Physis has carried out preparations for work resumption in an orderly manner


In order to conscientiously implement the various decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee on epidemic prevention and control, and in accordance with the relevant requirements of the municipal party committee and municipal government for the work resumption, Physis adheres to the principle of both epidemic prevention and control and production and management, and actively organizes the company to prepare for work resumption. After review and filing by competent departments, Physis is scheduled to resume work on February 12, 2020. To create a safe and secure working environment for employees, the Administrative Human Resources Department of the company began intensively arranging preparations for work resumption on February 10.

First, conductcomprehensive disinfection scientifically and effectively. Special personnelare arranged to conduct comprehensive disinfection of public areas such ascanteens, elevators, and office areas. These public areas will be disinfectedregularly after the formal work resumption.

(The staff aredisinfecting the factory area)

Second, the body temperature must be measured on arrival. Employees must take body temperature measurements before entering the company every day. The company must check the health status of the personnel. Those with abnormal body temperature are not allowed to enter the company.

(The staff are taking temperature measurement)

Third, strengthen the management of meals. With regard to places like canteens where a large number of people gather, increase the distance between tables, adopt a diversion dining system, and place warning signs at windows where queuing is made to maintain a safe distance between employees.