Physis direct drive servo technology makes motor rotor assembly with machine head directly, simple structure, high efficiency, power saving up to 30%, reduced vibration and noise.

  • Physis Servo Motors & Servo Drives Applied in Plastic Extruder

    Plastic extruder is a kind of machine that plastics are plasticized into uniform melt through extrusion system and continuously extruded from die head by screw rotating pressure. It forms a production line with different plastic forming auxiliary machines to produce products such as pipes, rods, wires, plates, films, wires and cables

  • Physis Products Applied in Hydraulic Press

    After more than 100 years of development, hydraulic technology has become an important technology affecting modern mechanical equipment. At the same time, in industrial production, hydraulic press is also one of the essential equipment for the application of pressing process and pressing forming process.

  • Physis Servo Motor & Drive Applied in Injection Molding Machine

    The injection molding machine is a kind of molding equipment which can inject the molten plastic into the closed mold cavity by high pressure and high speed, and then make various shapes of plastic products by cooling and solidifying. As energy saving and consumption reduction has become a national strategy, the energy-saving problem of injection molding machine industry has attracted much attention. With complete specifications, servo system solutions are energy-saving and efficient, which can be applied to all types of tonnage injection molding machines.

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